Jill Stein’s Green Party: FBI Dropped Hillary Clinton Investigation for Half-a-Million Dollars

Hillary Mocks Trump Seth Wenig AP
Seth Wenig/AP

Hillary Clinton’s political allies bribed a top FBI official to bury the investigation of her illegal handling of government information, according to a tweet from Jill Stein’s Green Party.

The tweet reads:

In recent days, Stein has hammered Hillary Clinton on her corruption– even employing an adjective Clinton previously used to describe Trump supporters–by denouncing Clinton as “deplorable” for helping “her cronies” profit “off Haiti’s suffering”:

Stein is a Harvard Medical School graduate, a mother to two sons, and a practicing physician, who became an environmental-health activist and organizer in the late 1990s. As the Green Party’s 2012 presidential candidate, Stein holds the record for the most votes ever received by a female candidate for president in a general election.

While third party Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has received quite a bit of media attention throughout this election, Stein says she has experienced a virtual media blackout. She also says that the reason for the media blackout is that, unlike Johnson, she is an effective messenger against Washington’s corporate-controlled “uni-party.”

She has previously argued that the reason “corporate media prop up Hillary and smear her opponents” is “because they’re huge donors to [Clinton’s] foundation.”

Stein, who has urged her supporters to help her “#BreakTheBlackout from corporate media,” has put members of corporate media, who have failed to cover her own “people-powered campaign,” on notice, declaring, “Your silence to our voices speaks volumes.”


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