Colorado Congressman Ken Buck: Donald Trump Will ‘Repeal and Replace’ Obamacare

Ken Buck CO. APChris Schneider
AP/Chris Schneider

Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado is riding the Trump Train in a key Southwestern swing state.

Buck is focusing on the issue of surging Obamacare prices. Colorado is seeing its premiums rise 20.9 percent in the year 2017, affecting 450,000 people around the state.

Buck said in a statement:

While Hillary Clinton spends the final days of this campaign answering even more questions about her emails, she has promised to double down the failures of Obamacare. Donald Trump made clear today that he will not only drain the swamp in Washington, but he will also repeal and replace the failed federal takeover of healthcare. On November 8th, let’s send Donald Trump to the White House to get on with the job of Making American Great Again.

Buck is well aware of the numbers in Colorado.

“Obamacare has left Coloradans with fewer choices and higher costs in healthcare. We were recently told that insurance premiums will rise by an average of 20% and that one in five consumers will not be able to renew their current plans next year,” Buck said.

Ken Buck, a former Weld County district attorney, is a prominent voice in Colorado politics.

Even though Colorado was a #NeverTrump state in the caucus (its state party gave all delegates to Ted Cruz without letting people vote for president), its Republican leaders are gung-ho about Trump.

Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn, whom insiders regard as a Ted Cruz political creation, also proudly stood with Trump once Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee.


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