Donald Trump: ‘We’re Winning All Over the Place. They’re Going Crazy’

Trumps Wilmington, N.C. Evan VucciGetty

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump returned to his classic “Winning” theme at charged-up rallies in Tampa, Florida and Wilmington, North Carolina Friday.

The building tycoon is even surprising the press with his high energy in the final hours of his battle to reclaim American sovereignty. Trump brought his “tired of winning” rhetorical ace in the hole in Tampa. His “tired of winning” line became one of Trump’s hallmarks on the primary campaign trail, where he dazzled disaffected voters by finally making Republican victory seem not only possible, but inevitable.

In North Carolina, he tore into Joe Biden, who recently challenged Trump to a fight. Trump made clear that he would not back away from a fight with Joe Biden.

“So she’s got Biden. He challenged me. He challenged. ‘Oh, I’d like to take him, I’d like to take him, behind the gym.’ Oh, I dream of that. I dream,” Trump said.

Trump tore into Clinton with the clear-eyed precision of a master political assailant.

“How about if she’s running a country? She can’t even run an email,” Trump said. “If she were to win it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. If she ever got into the Oval Office, Hillary Clinton and her special interests would rob this country blind.”

“Hillary Clinton supports totally open borders. There goes your country.”

“All he’s doing is campaigning for Crooked Hillary. That’s all he wants to do. And you know, she can’t get any crowds. And she doesn’t have what it takes to do rallies all over the place. She wants to go home and go to sleep,” he said.

“We’re winning in North Carolina. We’re winning in Ohio. We’re winning in New Hampshire. We’re winning in Iowa. We’re winning in Florida. We’re winning all over the place. They’re going crazy,” Trump said of the press.

“We’re winning almost everywhere, folks. This is going to be Brexit. This is going to be special.”

“Hillary Clinton is a candidate of yesterday. We are the movement of the future,” said Trump.


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