The Hill: Steve Bannon’s Populist Nationalist Focus Is America First


Jonathan Swan reports in The Hill about the policy focus of Stephen K. Bannon, President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor.

From The Hill:

Bannon is best known for his domestic positions, particularly his populist nationalist views on trade and immigration. His detractors accuse him of trafficking in racism and anti-Semitism, which he denies; his defenders believe he has a rare gift for identifying and channeling the nationalist and populist energy building through America and around the world.

Less discussed is Bannon’s fascination with the military and global affairs. Sources who know Bannon say he’s likely be an influential adviser to Trump in the international arena.

Sources close to Bannon say the best way to understand his approach to foreign affairs is to observe the structure and content of Breitbart News. The website supports nationalist movements wherever they arise and advocates a merciless approach against radical Islamic terrorists.

Bannon admires right-wing nationalists and hard-line illegal immigration opponents in Europe and elsewhere. He wants to work more closely with them and sees them as part of a worldwide movement to overthrow the “globalists,” according to multiple sources familiar with his thinking.

“He definitely recognizes populist nationalists around the world,” said a source close to Bannon. “He noticed that before most people did.”

“Mostly he’ll be focusing on an America-first foreign policy, taking care of America’s interests in whatever negotiation the country is engaged in,” the source added.

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