Donald Trump Working Closely With Jeff Sessions to Plan Administration


Sen. Jeff Sessions was spotted at Trump Tower in new York, to meet with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss his forthcoming administration.

It is unclear what role, if any, Sessions will have in Trump’s administration, although there have been speculations that he might serve as Secretary of Defense or the Attorney General.

Sessions was also in Trump tower on Tuesday, and was named a Vice Chair on the Executive Committee of Trump’s presidential transition team.

The senator from Alabama was the first United States Senator to endorse Donald Trump, and remained a close adviser to the candidate on issues of immigration.

During Trump’s speech on immigration policy in Arizona in August, Sessions was present wearing a “Make Mexico Great Again Also” hat as Trump vowed to have zero tolerance for illegal immigrants.

Trump also recognized Sessions during his victory speech on election night.

“The first man, the first senator, the first major politician and let me tell you he is respected in Washington because he’s as smart as you get,” he said about Sessions, thanking him for his support.


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