Progressives Prepping for Anti-Trump Woman’s March by Making ‘Pussyhats’

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Progressive knitters and crocheters around the world are busy making “Pussyhats” to be worn by participants in the media-hyped Woman’s March to take place in Washington, D.C. as part of the organized left’s response to Donald Trump’s election.

“Pussyhats” are pink, knitted, cat-ear headgear, and their manufacture and distribution are being undertaken by the Pussyhat Project, one of the “partners” listed on the website of the Woman’s March scheduled for January 21, 2017.

As the Pussyhat Project’s flier helpfully points out:

We love the clever wordplay of “pussyhat” and “pussycat,” but yes, “pussy” is also a derogatory term for female genitalia. We choose this loaded word for our project because we want to reclaim the term as a means of empowerment.

The group goes on to point out their view that identifying people with female genitalia as females is considered a form of oppression, saying that “in this day and age, if we have pussies we are assigned the gender of ‘woman.’ Women, whether transgender or cisgender, are mistreated in society.”

For those not keeping up with the latest leftist terminology, “cisgender” is defined as “a term for people who have a gender identity that matches the sex that they were assigned at birth.”

As Breitbart News reported, the Planned Parenthood promoted protest is an anti-Trump, pro-abortion-on-demand event that organizers say will defend “the most marginalized among us.” The event doesn’t define unborn babies as among the “most marginalized among us” but it will include marchers wearing Pussyhats.

The stated purpose of the Pussyhat Project is to give marchers “a means to make a unique collective visual statement” and to provide people not attending the march a way to “represent themselves and support women’s right.”

For the DIYers out there, the Pussycat Project website provides instructions on how to create and register hats – as well as how to get hats to marchers.

Amanda at @seamworks_sewing serging through #pussyhats!

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A map on the website shows where industrious progressives are making their Pussyhats around the word. Most Pussyhat makers are in large American cities and coastal area.

The Woman’s March will include celebrity guests such as Cher, Katy Perry, and Michael Moore, but at press time it was not known if any of them planned to wear Pussyhats.

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