The 75 Leftist Groups Trying to Stop Donald Trump from Taking Office


This is the most comprehensive list of the leftist groups supporting the DisruptJ20 event designed to thwart President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters.

These are the anarchist cells, affinity groups, student consortiums, left-wing bookstores, propaganda distribution outlets, anti-American websites, hacker collectives, and other leftist groups on the shadowy edge of the worldwide radical movement that sees Trump’s political victory as the main barrier to their goal of fundamentally transforming the world.

This is the far left of the far left – the anarchist, communist, and socialist organizations, some of which urge lawbreaking “direct action” including violence, arson, and intimidation.

The establishment media doesn’t cover these groups in any significant way, and it’s hard to estimate how many people are part of this vast network. They often operate above ground, seemingly unconcerned about exposure from the mainstream media, although a significant amount of their work is secretive.

The most shocking thing, however, is the ideology of these fringe leftists is echoed by the establishment media, the mainstream Democratic Party, and even many #NeverTrump Republicans.

The message repeated endlessly for months is that Donald Trump is Hitler and his supporters are fascists.  We’ve heard this exact narrative from media outlets from the New York Times to the Huffington Post to CNN to The National Review.

As you read through this list, we have included what these groups say about themselves. Read this list, and you’ll notice that when the radical anarchist groups discuss policy, they take open borders positions on immigration and are pushing for the same prison reform that some Republicans and many Democrats have been clamoring for in the era of Black Lives Matter,

This is the list of the people who hate Donald Trump and his supporters and want to do them harm, but it’s only the tip of the leftist iceberg.

CrimethInc. Workers’ Collective

“CrimethInc. is a rebel alliance—a decentralized network pledged to anonymous collective action—a breakout from the prisons of our age. We strive to reinvent our lives and our world according to the principles of self-determination and mutual aid.”

It’s Going Down

“We are a network of friends and comrades across so-called North America that seeks to provide news and analysis of when it goes down: riots, strikes, sabotage, occupations, expropriations, rebellion, revolt, insurrection, whether together or alone – we support liberatory revolt. You get the point.”


“ is a video production ensemble, which aims to promote anarchist and anti-capitalist ideas, and aid social struggles through the dissemination of radical films and videos. Founded in 1994, has produced hundreds of videos on everything from anti-globalization protests to films about shoplifting. Our films have been screened around the world in social centers and movie theaters and have been watched by millions on the internet. This site is a collection of videos from 2003 onwards.”

Earth First! Journal

“The Earth First! Journal editorial collective recognizes that the institutional, economic, political, social and cultural dynamics of hierarchy, power and privilege that define mainstream society also permeate the radical environmental movement. These dynamics are expressed in various interlocking systems of oppression (e.g., racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, ableism, speciesism, etc.), which prevent equal access to resources and safety, disrupt healthy communities and movement building, and severely—sometimes irreparably—harm our allies, our friends, our loved ones and ourselves.”

AK Press

“Collectively-owned, worker-run. Radical publishing and distribution since 1990.”

PM Press

“We seek to create radical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction books, pamphlets, T-shirts, visual and audio materials to entertain, educate, and inspire you. We aim to distribute these through every available channel with every available technology, whether that means you are seeing anarchist classics at our bookfair stalls; reading our latest vegan cookbook at the café; downloading geeky fiction e-books; or digging new music and timely videos from our website.”

Indigenous Action

“Indigenous Action Media (IAM) was founded on August 25th, 2001 to provide strategic communications iam-new-logo-transand direct action support for Indigenous communities struggling to protect sacred lands. We are a volunteer collective of experienced Indigenous media makers & agitators that work together on a project by project basis for media justice from an anti-colonial & anti-capitalist framework.”

New York Anarchist Action

“NYC Anarchist Action is a revolutionary organization based in NYC.”

The Base

“Community Organization in Brooklyn, New York

DisruptJ20 will be the start of the resistance. We must delegitimize Trump and all he represents. It’s time to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and the world that sustains us. #FuckTrump”

NYC Anarchist Black Cross

“NYC Anarchist Black Cross is a collective focused on supporting US-held political prisoners and prisoners of war and opposing state repression against revolutionary social justice movements. We are a Support Group of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation.”

Pittsburgh Autonomous Student Network

“Welcome to Pitt! From the prison of high school, it looked cool and inviting, full of new freedoms and the chance to learn something real for the first time. But soon enough, you’ll watch the excitement fade. The task of orientation is to clue you in on what’s ahead, to provide a glimpse into the new social terrain.

Pitt is the rich suburban kid’s first real glimpse of something resembling diversity. Pitt is the working class kid’s first five-figure loan. Pitt is Chancellor Gallagher, decked out in the best suits money can buy, threading his way through the lines of underpaid janitors, cooks and security guards rallying outside his office for a better contract and a living wage. Pitt is a private police force harassing people of color on Forbes, or taking pictures of student protestors to build files on troublemakers. Pitt is breaking your roommate’s friend’s brand-name bong underneath the Schenley Bridge. Pitt is the ongoing gentrification of North Oakland and outright colonization of South Oakland.”

Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition

“PSSC is a coalition that aims to promote radical solidarity across campaigns and social groups. Solidarity means mutual aid, let us know how we can help!”

NightShade Pittsburgh

“An anarcha-feminist collective devoted to ensuring a safer community for women/POC/queer/trans folk in Pittsburgh. Oakland based.”

Pitt Against Debt

“Campaign updates from Pitt’s Campaign against student debt”

Pitt Students for a Democratic Society

“University of Pittsburgh chapter of NewSDS”


“We promote awareness of and involvement in radical, anti-oppression, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist activities and groups at UNC and in CH/Carrboro.”

Antifa Seven Hills

“Antifascist of the Seven Hills (ASH) is organizing to fight fascists in Richmond. We seek to combat fascism, united in militant opposition.”

Asheville Anti-Racism

“Asheville Anti-Racism looks to educate and inform the community of hate groups locally and beyond.”

Black Rose Book Distro St. Louis

“Black Rose Book Distro is new radical book sales & free zines distro with two location in south Saint Louis”

Resonance: An anarchist audio distro

“We are recording anarchist and related texts and distributing them in audio form. In this way we hope to make anarchist ideas more accessible, and anarchist practice more informed. We may not agree with every word of every text we record, but we hope that the distribution of these texts in audio form continues lively anarchist discussions — and ultimately we hope that those discussions lead us into the streets.”

Rose City Antifa

“Doesn’t stopping fascists from speaking make you just as bad as them?

Failing to stop fascists from speaking – that is, giving them the opportunity to organize to impose their agenda on the rest of us – makes you as bad as them. If you care about freedom, don’t stand idly by while people mobilize to take it away”

Torch Antifa Network

“The Torch Network is a network of Militant antifascists across (but not limited to) the united states. We are born out of, and pay our respects to, the Anti-Racist Action Network. We are dedicated to confronting fascism and other element of oppression. We believe in direct action.”

Central Oklahoma Black/Red Alliance (COBRA)

“The Central Oklahoma Black/Red Alliance (COBRA) is an anti-capitalist information clearinghouse.”

Sprout Distro

“SPROUT DISTRO is an anarchist zine distro (distributor) and publisher based in the occupied territory currently known as Grand Rapids, Michigan in the United States.

We distribute zines as a way of contributing to the increased proliferation of anarchist projects and resistance. To that end, we make all the zines we carry available as PDFs for folks to download, print, and distribute themselves.”

New Wave Army

“New Wave Army is an Anarcha-Feminist Collective formed in 2002. We actively work to abolish dominance, alienation, control, patriarchy and expose masked hierarchy in the home, in the workplace, and by the State. Our collective seeks to dismantle the above with no-apology direct action and works on redressing female oppression and exploitation worldwide. We actively work to build resistance and alternatives to corporate power and empire and participate in direct action campaigns on behalf of children, girls & adult women.”

Puget Sound Anarchist Black Cross

“Puget Sound Anarchist Black Cross is a collective focused on supporting US-held political prisoners and prisoners of war.”

Four Corners Antifa

“Anti-fascism is opposition to fascist ideologies, groups and individuals.”

“The most accurate, most comprehensive and always up-to-date list of people killed by U.S. law enforcement officers. Since May 1, 2013″

Chicago Anarchist Black Cross

“Fighting for a world without police or prisons”

NYC Anarchist Book Fair

“New York City, a center of anarchist life, culture, struggle, and ideas for 150 years, will host its 9th annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair, an exposition of books, zines, pamphlets, art, film/video, and other cultural and very political productions of the anarchist scene worldwide on Sat., April 18, 11am-6pm

The Book Fair also always includes two days of panels, presentations, workshops, and skillshares on to provide further opportunities to learn more and share your own experience and creativity. The goal of the book fair is to enable people to connect with one another as well as to provide broader access to the rich and varied field of anarchist ideas and practices. Now is the perfect time to be exploring those ideas and practices and bringing them into play in our communities and the world.”


“AnarkoArtLab in celebrating the 10th year of the NYC Anarchist Art Festival, to be held in conjunction with the 10th NYC Anarchist Book Fair and Film Festival, at the Judson Memorial Church, in Manhattan, NYC. This year’s Anarchist Arts Festival concept is OUTLAW ART. We are looking at works that promote critical analysis and proposals for revolution:

  • transgressor (violate any kind of law, command or moral code) disrupting art
  • guerrilla art
  • activist art
  • union, mutual aid (artistic strategy) to disrupt the mainstream art world
  • how to use art to advocate social change
  • subvert art history or contra-history proposals
  • idealize and conceive collective action, occupation
  • refugees welcome, no border”

Autonomous Actions Against Prisons—Seattle

“We oppose all forms of incarceration and work for prison abolition.”

Antifa United

“Antifa United specializes in antifascist clothing, patches and accessories. We donate monthly to causes that oppose fascism and racism.”

Denver Anarchist Black Cross

“The Denver Anarchist Black Cross exists to contribute to the defense of social movements, both internally and externally, working against oppression and for self determination.”

Loughborough Labour Party

Words as Weapons

“Words As Weapons is devoted to sharing the words, actions, and ideas of individuals who are actively working to change the world.”


“You are in the small area on the Internet of Hackerñol.Focused on news, current affairs and also a bit of history, all this in reference to the hacker community, but also without missing the themes of Security, technology underground, news, interviews, reports and tutorials.”

Stinney Distro

“Every hierarchy, every abuse, every act of domination that seeks to justify or excuse itself appeals through analogy to the rule of adults over children. We are all indoctrinated from birth in ways of “because I said so.” The flags of supposed experience, benevolence, and familial obligation are the first of many paraded through our lives to celebrate the suppression of our agency, the dismissal of our desires, the reduction of our personhood. Our whole world is caught in a cycle of abuse, largely unexamined and unnamed. And at its root lies our dehumanization of children.

STINNEY DISTRO is an ambitious attempt to bring prominence to the many diverse voices speaking up. Not confined to timid or patronizing top-down reforms, but strident advocacy for wholesale liberation.”


“International hacking collective Hacking the Future”

Maryland Food Collective

“The Maryland Food Co-op started in the mid-1970’s on the campus of University of Maryland. The institution finally granted a space to the Co-op in early 1976 – and we are soon to celebrate our 40th Anniversary!

Shades of Silence”

Wildfire Anarchist Prison Newsletter

“In this issue of Wildfire, comrades continue the debate on reformist action that has been raging since issue 1, bring to light the presence of queer and transgender prisoners in ongoing prison rebellions, comment on recent retaliation against police, critically discuss prisoner apathy and revolt, and give a glimpse of possibilities for September 9th.”

Students Without Borders

“The Students Without Borders® (SWB) program offers many exciting opportunities to contribute to global development efforts. Students and recent graduates are recruited to work with a local partner organization for 3 to 12 months. Many interns fulfill co-op placement requirements or receive academic credits towards their degree or diploma.”

Solidarity Houston

“Solidarity Houston is a Radical Library, Event Space, and Book Store currently located in Houston’s East End.”

South Florida Smash HLS

“Experiments on living animals (“vivisection”) are cruel, wasteful and morally indefensible. Smash HLS believes animals deserve to live free from human-inflicted suffering, confinement and abuse. Help us fight for animals imprisoned inside laboratories.”

Students Against State Violence

“Students Against State Violence is a student group at IU that is building a movement against patriarchy, white supremacy, socioeconomic inequality and imperialism”

Bloomington Solidarity Network

“The Bloomington Solidarity Network is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to fighting for the rights and against the abuse of tenants and workers.”

Anarquismo en PDF

“Anarchism in PDF is three years old. He was born as a Facebook group and now we are in various social networks. We are the largest and best organized archive on anarchism (books, press, podcasts, videos, documentaries, films, music …) and a digital publishing house.”

Burning River Anarchist Distro

“Cleveland’s oldest anarchist distro. We are a not-for-profit book distro and publisher. Any and all money made goes right back into the distro.”

Lehigh Valley Vanguard

“Lehigh Valley Vanguard was founded in March 2014 and has since resided at the intersection of art and politics. We feature narratives which speculate on late capitalism, the efficacy of mainstream politics, explorations of identity, and the fetishization of market relationships (neoliberalism).”


“Salvador is a Mexican immigrant who took a walk from Los Angeles in October 2009 to Washington to ask the authorities to approve a Comprehensive Immigration Reform.This week will reach the Capitol.”

Rocky Mountain Antifa

“Rocky Mountain Antifa is a crew of dedicated antifascists operating in Colorado. We are dedicated to confronting and fighting fascism, racism, and oppression in the Rocky Mountain region. We have no formal membership or organizational structure. We are active in the Torch Antifa Network and follow these points of unity. All antifascists in Colorado, provided they follow the points of unity, will be supported and embraced by Rocky Mountain Antifa. We intend to win!”

Hudson Valley Anarchist Network

“HVAN is a collective dedicated to combating the rise of fascists & resisting the oppressive institutions that exist in our area.”

Proletarian Liberation Front

“Autonomous. Anticapital. Antistate. Antifa. Direct Action. Insurrection. Revolution. No more games, we mean war.”

Agência de Notícias Anarquistas-ANA (Brazil)

“Página que reproduz as notícias da Agência de Notícias Anarquistas”

Morgantown Ultra Left Network

“Just south of Pittsburgh, in the college town of Morgantown West Virginia, the Morgantown Ultra Left Network is being formed. We have lived and worked here for some time now and have made the decision to strike out on our own. While we have had successes, we collectively made the decision to break out after many bad experiences trying to work with authoritarian leftists. At the time, “left unity” was what brought us together. Quickly that fell apart and became just another shell for old-school Marxist Leninist party building and movement stealing.”

Art Haus of Albany

“This is a page for Art Haus residents and supporters to talk about art, our home, and this community.”

Black Powder Press

“Black Powder Press is an anarchist printing and distribution collective dedicated to informing and inspiring the anarchist movement and stimulating discussions about strategy, tactics and ideas.”


“We are a working-class movement organizing for the creation of revolutionary Communes within the US to abolish capitalism.”

Stand Up Fight Back

“We’re an activist group that Informs and educates the public about social justice and environment through knowledgeable speakers, media and protests.”

CopWatch Patrol Unit

“Police are armed thugs that patrol our neighborhoods & streets to enforce an oppressive social order based upon exclusion, violence and mass exploitation.”

Revolutionary Security Corps

“To protect Black and Brown Communities & #BlackLivesMatter Protestors from Police Brutality. Complacency is not an Option. #RevSecCorps”

Flatirons Anarchist Alliance

“We have members in Boulder, Longmont, Golden, Louisville, Broomfield, and Lafayette Colorado. The discussions are revolved around the many ideals of anarchism, anarchy, and anarchists. Also every other radical left ideas are welcome!”

Redneck Revolt

“The history of the white working class is one full of resistance, collectively and individually, against the rich elite that hold power over all of our lives. From massive armed uprisings like the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921, to the resistance to coal mining in predominately white rural Appalachia today, white working people have been in conflict with those that uphold predatory economic, political, and social systems.”

Hampton Roads Justice Network

“HRJN is a network of justice minded activists in the 757. We are explicitly anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-colonialism, and anti-oppression.”


The following groups were also on the list of DisruptJ20 Supporters, but no information was easily found on them:

Sword of Spartacus

Anarchist Initiative Ljubljana (Slovenia)

L.I.F.E.E. Organization

Anonymous NYC

Mutiny Antarsya Tempe

New Brunswickers Against Fracking

Steel City (A) Team

WNC Antifa

The Roosevelt Group


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