Report: Illegal Aliens Arrested for Murder, Violent Crimes Years After Deportation Orders

illegal alien

The public is demanding the media cover long-ignored stories about illegal alien crime, and so the Tallahassee Democrat discovered that two inmates in the county jail were slated for repatriation years before they were charged with violent crimes in the United States.

Marco Vinicio Perez, also known as Marco Perez-Geronimo, allegedly murdered his girlfriend four years after he was ordered deported in 2012. Police arrested the illegal alien on first-degree murder charges after he was accused of beating her to death last January because “demons in his head told him” to kill her.

Had he been deported to his native Guatemala on schedule, Idelcira Perez might still be alive. Almost nothing else is known about Perez, the Tallahassee Democrat explains, but he never appealed his deportation order.

While more is known about Jamaican illegal Donald Robinson, it’s still not clear why he was not removed from the U.S. after being ordered deported in 2011:

…[H]e was still in the U.S. when he was arrested in January 2015 at C.K. Steele Plaza for stabbing with a knife a man he thought was threatening him.

Tallahassee Police investigators noted in their report of the incident that Robinson had eight other cases within the previous 18 months with TPD. He told them he had a mental illness, and in at least five reports, he told officers he was being followed, harassed and threatened with weapons, which he never saw.

After spending more than a year in jail, Robinson was released on probation. But it wasn’t long before he was in trouble again. Last June, he was accused again of stabbing a man he did not know, this time with a pair of scissors, at the McDonald’s on North Monroe Street.

It is not clear why Perez and Robinson were never deported, but there are extensive problems with federal databases tracking illegal aliens. Under the Obama administration, 1,811 aliens from terrorist countries—with final deportation orders—were handed U.S. citizenship instead of being removed from the country.

“Fingerprints are missing from federal databases for as many as 315,000 immigrants with final removal orders or who are fugitive criminals,” the Associated Press reported in September. Until 2010, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) did not log digital fingerprint records of illegal aliens consistently. There are some 148,000 illegal aliens with final removal orders whose files do not contain fingerprint records, according to the Associated Press.


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