WH Spox: Sean Spicer Position ‘Probably Upgraded’ Absent Comms Director Mike Dubke

Spicer and Sarah

WASHINGTON, D.C. — White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders led Monday’s press briefing, prompting repeated press questions of where Press Secretary Sean Spicer was.

Spicer commonly gives the daily White House press briefing, although Sanders has also taken the helm at times.

Asked during Monday’s briefing, “Where is Sean?” Sanders replied, “He’s here today.”

A reporter pressed, “Why didn’t he come out?”

Sanders responded, “This is part of my job as well. Did you guys ever ask any of the other Deputy Press Secretaries…” Sanders was interrupted by the reporter with another question: “Is he in a new position now? Is he in a new position now?”

Sanders said, “I mean he is taking on a little bit of extra duty at this point so I think it’s…” Sanders was again interrupted with the question, “Has his position changed then?”

Sanders responded regarding Spicer’s position, “It’s probably upgraded at this point due to…” She was again interrupted with the question, “So you will be the new press secretary here…?”

Sander said, “I would not say that at all. I’m just filling in for the day, April. There are a lot of demands on his schedule, particularly given the fact that there’s not a communications director and this is part of my job as well, and when I’m needed I’ll step in.”

Now former White House Communications Director Mike Dubke resigned from his position in mid-May. He had just taken the job in March of this year. Dubke was said to have close relationship with Spicer and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. He was a veteran Washington operative who ran with Republican establishment figures such as Karl Rove.

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