VIDEO: Wisconsin Woman Allegedly Sets House on Fire, Killing Elderly Man

VIDEO: Wisconsin Woman Sets House on Fire, Killing Elderly Man Inside

A Wisconsin woman set a house on fire that killed an elderly man Friday, according to video footage of the incident.

The video shows the woman pouring gasoline into a window of a house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to set it ablaze. The window becomes engulfed in flames as the woman walks away.

A woman jumps from another window to safety while a group of young men try to knock down a door to rescue people trapped inside.

The New York Post reports Willie Greer, 72, died in the blaze.

Police say they have arrested a 39-year-old woman in connection with the house fire and her case will go before the Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office in a few days. Police did not clarify whether the woman arrested was the one in the video.

The suspect’s family said Saturday that a fight with a boyfriend brought about the alleged arson, adding that the man in question lived there but was not believed to be home at the time of the fire, WITI reported.