FreedomWorks’ Adam Brandon: ‘The Senate Bill Is an Amendment to Obamacare, Not a Repeal of It’

Obama signs Obamacare Charles DharapakAP
Charles Dharapak/AP

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon condemned the Senate healthcare bill, saying, “Unfortunately, the Senate bill is an amendment to Obamacare, not a repeal of it.”

Brandon continued, “For more than seven years, Republicans ran on repealing Obamacare, and voters responded by giving the GOP a majority in the House in 2010, control of the Senate in 2014, and the White House in 2016. Leader Mitch McConnell even said he would repeal ObamaCare ‘root and branch.’ This bill, however, breaks those promises.”

He added, “We look forward to an open amendment process through which conservatives in the Senate – including  Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz – will have the opportunity to put forward language that will gut ObamaCare’s regulatory structure and reduce health insurance premiums.”

Jason Pye, director of public policy and legislative affairs for FreedomWorks, provided some initial reactions to Breitbart News.

Pye emphasized that an Obamacare repeal bill needs to eliminate health insurance regulations and lower premiums. He remains concerned that the Senate bill does accomplish that goal. The FreedomWorks legislative affairs director added, “They’re basically keeping Medicaid expansion forever.”

Pye concluded, “Kill it with fire.”


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