‘Most Armed Man in America’ has 200 Machine Guns, ‘Countless Grenade Launchers’

Mel Bernstein owns 200 machine guns, "countless grenade launchers," and …

Mel Bernstein owns 200 machine guns, “countless grenade launchers,” and “80 military vehicles.” He describes himself as the “most armed man in America.”

Bernstein, 71, resides on 260 acres in El Paso County, Colorado.

According to the Daily Mail, Bernstein has a military museum and a shooting range on his land. The museum contains an estimated $10 million in “military memorabilia,” including a “re-imagined” World War II bunker complete with “bullet-riddled pots and pans and uniformed mannequins stationed at anti-aircraft bazookas.”

And while hundreds of people come to Bernstein’s museum each weekend to view his military collection, the guns hanging on the walls of his bedroom and elsewhere are the things that make him “comfortable.” He estimates his gun collection is worth $8 million.

For more than two decades, Bernstein has held a machine gun shoot on his land. In 2014 he described the shoot of Fox 21 News:

He refers to his 260 acres as “Dragon Land,” a name derived from his own nickname, “Dragon Man.” He got that nickname via a “dragon-inspired motorcycle that he designed and fabricated in New York City during the 1970s. The motorcycle–a Harley Davidson–has a dragon head affixed, as well as to small replica machine guns.

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