New Study Reveals Media Bias Towards Obamacare over GOP Healthcare Plan

Obama signs OCare REUTERSJason Reed
REUTERS/Jason Reed

A new study from the Media Research Center reveals the stunning media bias favoring Obamacare compared to the GOP health care plan.

From March to June 2017, mainstream media sources such as ABC, CBS, and NBC referred to the House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA) as “reform” only 30 times. During the same time in 2009, the fake news media referred to Obamacare as “reform” 344 times, more than 11 times more often compared to the AHCA.

According to the Media Research Center, CBS Evening News had the most biased coverage. CBS only referred to the AHCA as “reform” six times, whereas they referred to Obamacare as “reform” 132 times, which amounts to 22 times more positive coverage of Obamacare compared to the AHCA.

Mike Ciandella, a research analyst for the Media Research Center, said that the reporters covered Obamacare in a more favorable light than the GOP health care plan. Brian Williams said on NBC Nightly News in 2009, “Health care reform is aimed at helping the millions of Americans with no insurance.”

In 2009, CBS Evening News correspondent Chip Reid said Obamacare was “another issue of life and death.”

Compare that to present day, when NBC Nightly News blamed the death spiral of Obamacare on President Trump’s rhetoric “fueling market turmoil.”

President Donald Trump recently slammed CNN for reporting “fake news” but argued that NBC, CBS, and ABC are also fake news.


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