Report: President Trump to Appoint Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Director

Assistant to the US President Donald Trump Anthony Scaramucci takes part in a meeting on t

President Donald Trump is set to appoint financier Anthony Scaramucci as his new director of communications, according to a report from Axios.

Scaramucci, 53, was initially set to take a job as Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs, although his swearing-in was delayed as part of an extensive review of his financial history. Ultimately, George Sifakis was appointed to the role instead.

The appointment would come nearly two months after the resignation of White House communications director Mike Dubke, who as a prominent member of the Republican establishment, quickly became unwilling to shape the daily narrative for the Trump White House.

Two separate White House officials later confirmed the impending appointment to Breitbart News, with one saying in a statement:

Scaramucci has long been a warrior for President Trump and brings the exact type of grit and managerial ability that the White House communications team is in dire need of. He immediately professionalizes the entire operation. Most importantly he is someone the President can trust to stand up for him and his Agenda. This is a huge win for loyalists of President Trump.

A registered Republican and donor, Scaramucci initially supported Jeb Bush’s primary campaign before endorsing Donald Trump. He has previously hosted the financial television show Wall Street Week and is a regular contributor to the Fox News Channel. Scaramucci has emerged as a top ally of the populist nationalists in the White House.

While many in the White House believe this is a done deal, and Scaramucci several sources say was offered the job in the Oval Office and accepted it–then told to prepare a press release announcing it at 10 a.m. Friday morning–others in the White House say that it is not yet a done deal and he does not yet have the job. Those sources say that the president has convened a meeting at 10 a.m. on Friday morning to discuss the matter, and that further decisions on this front will be made over the weekend. Many sources with in depth and detailed knowledge of this situation tell Breitbart News that many senior officials in the White House were deliberately not told of this decision beforehand so they would not try to fight it. Scaramucci has long been reported to be at loggerheads with White House chief of staff Reince Priebus.

Many others in media have similarly confirmed the news, but as White House reporter for the New York Times Maggie Haberman–who just interview the president in the Oval Office–notes via Twitter, is an “open question” whether Priebus and his allies blow all their credibility trying to “stop it.”

But several outlets are confirming it:

President Trump’s successful communications director from the campaign, Jason Miller, who served as a spokesman during the transition and was once considered for the communications director position himself, said he thinks it is a good move:

Haberman also notes that Scaramucci is very close with President Trump and his family.

The news comes amid multiple reports that Trump had become frustrated with his communications staff, urging them “to get on the same page” amid a serious of communication blunders pertaining to the Russia investigation.

Earlier this month, CNN retracted a false story and issued an apology after a hit piece on Scaramucci over the phony Russia scandal, which led to the resignation of three prominent employees.

Scaramucci is expected to leave his role at the Export-Import Bank in the coming weeks to fill this new role in the White House.

Matthew Boyle contributed to this report. 

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