Fake News Transcript of Donald Trump Prompts Mistaken Outrage

Trump in NY Reuters

A faulty transcript of Donald Trump’s press conference published by Politico prompted outrage from several prominent journalists, artists, and authors on Twitter before they realized it was incorrect.

After Trump’s combative press conference on Tuesday, Politico quickly released the transcript of it, but one wrong word sent many into a frenzy.

Trump actually said, “What about the alt-left that came charging at them,” made clear by video evidence.

But that didn’t stop several influential users on Twitter from expressing their outrage without checking the quote.

Washington Post:


Fox News Contributor



NBC producer


Writer/producer and New Yorker writer

Editor and New Yorker author


Some reporters checked the video of Trump’s remarks, immediately pointing out that the Politico transcript was wrong.

That prompted some people to delete their initial tweet and apologize for the mistake.

But by Tuesday night, several tweets about the faulty transcript remained live on Twitter.



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