VP Mike Pence on Barcelona Terror: U.S. Stands Ready to Assist, Find, Punish Those Responsible

Mike Pence in Chile Esteban FelixAP
Esteban Felix/AP

On the last stop of Vice President Mike Pence’s four country tour of South America, he reaffirmed President Donald Trump’s condemnation of the terror attack in Spain and offered assistance from the United States to Spain to “find and punish those responsible.”

Pence stood at a podium near the Panama Canal where he told the crowd he wanted to start by addressing the “horrific terror attack that occurred just a few hours ago in Barcelona, Spain.”

The Vice President continued:

The latest scenes of carnage and mayhem sicken us all. And as the President said earlier today, the United States condemns this terror attack and we will do whatever is necessary to help.

Whatever inspired today’s terror attack, the United States stands ready to assist the people of Spain and find and punish those responsible. On this dark day, our prayers and the prayers of all the American people are with the victims, their families and the good people of Spain.

Shortly before Pence took the stage at the Panama Canal, Amaq News agency stated that ISIS was claiming responsibility for the Thursday terror attack in Barcelona, Spain. At least 12 victims have died and around 80 have been injured after a rented van sped down a street in Barcelona late in the day. Police have confirmed that two individuals have been detained. The style of attack has been popular among jihadists and has been promoted in al Qaeda magazine Inspire! and has also been promoted in the Islamic State’s Dabiq magazine.

Earlier in the day President Trump tweeted his initial response to the Barcelona terror attack:

Pence has remarked that President Donald Trump sent him to Latin America. The first stop on the tour was Columbia, followed by Argentina, Chile and finally Panama.

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