‘You Have Nothing to Worry About’ — Nancy Pelosi Prompts Donald Trump Tweet to DACA Illegals

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

President Donald Trump continued to signal support for illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children who received executive amnesty from former President Obama’s DACA program.

“For all of those (DACA) that are concerned about your status during the 6 month period, you have nothing to worry about – No action!” Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

Politico reporter Heather Caygle noted on Twitter that a source told her that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called Trump to ask him to tweet the message of hope for DACA kids.

Axios reporter Alexi McCammond confirmed the news from a Democratic aide.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman offered further illumination about Pelosi’s role in Trump’s message.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed to White House reporters that Trump did speak with Pelosi as well as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“The President is committed to working across the aisle and doing what is needed to best serve the American people,” Sanders continued. “The President is also having dinner with Speaker Ryan later tonight.”

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the administration’s decision to end DACA, Trump stressed that he fully supports taking care of DACA recipients.

He repeatedly urged Congress on Wednesday to send him a bill to legalize DACA recipients permanently.

“I’d like to see a permanent deal, and I think it’s going to happen,” he said to reporters on Wednesday. “I think we’re going to have great support from both sides of Congress.”


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