Delingpole: French President Gives Trump ‘Your Mother Was a Hamster’ Treatment at Paris Eco-Summit

AP/Christophe Ena

Donald Trump was the lucky winner of a global elite gathering held in Paris today to mark the second anniversary of the useless, pointless and very expensive COP21 U.N. climate summit: he didn’t get an invitation.

British Prime Minister Theresa May was invited – and accepted. (And tweeted this extremely embarrassing thing to remind the world yet again why so many Conservatives expect her government to be overthrown by a bunch of revolutionary socialists at the next election, because hey what difference would it make?)

So too – allegedly – were 50 other “global leaders”, including Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, UN Secretary-General António Guterres and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.

But there was no official delegation from the U.S. because that was the real point of the event: so that French President Emmanuel Macron and the rest of the Davos elite could be seen publicly to be punishing President Trump by conspicuously not inviting him.

Instead, the U.S. was represented by the Three Stooges of Eco Loon Bloviation: California Gov. Jerry Brown; former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg; and the almost inevitable Arnold Schwarzenegger, who made a fool of himself by mincing around on a silly green bicycle.

In a terrifying parallel universe where Hillary won, these Three Stooges of Green Eco Loon Bloviation are not tiresome has-beens but leading members of a U.S. administration which eagerly ratified the U.N. Paris Climate Agreement – bombing the U.S. economy back to the dark ages, killing all jobs outside Wall Street, Hollywood and Silicon Valley, and sending the Dow about 15,000 points lower than it is now.

Luckily we don’t live in that parallel universe.

Only President Macron does.

We know this because of a hilarious report in today’s edition of the French newspaper Le Figaro.

In it the French president is quoted as saying:

“…Je suis assez certain que mon ami le président Trump va changer d’avis dans les mois ou les années à venir.”

This translates as:

“I am quite certain that my friend President Trump will change his mind on Paris in the months or years to come.”

It comes from a triumphalist interview that the French president gave to CBS, in which he seemed positively to gloat over Trump’s foolishness in quitting the Paris agreement and revelling in the fact that no way was he going to give the U.S. a chance to negotiate its way back in.


M. Macron said:

You know you have more than 190 countries as negotiators. I’m not ready to renegotiate with so many people – I’m sorry around the table. The US did sign the Paris agreement. It’s extremely aggressive to decide on his own just to leave. And, no way, to push all the others to renegotiate just because one decides to leave the floor. I’m sorry to say that. It just doesn’t fly.

Short of telling Trump that his mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries, it’s hard to conceive how Macron could have done a better job of alienating the U.S. President.

The U.S., we can now safely predict, is not going to be in any hurry to sign another U.N. climate stitch up.


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