John Podesta Describes How Donald Trump Nearly Ruined His Vacation with a Tweet

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Former Hillary Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta had his vacation practically ruined in July when President Trump tweeted about him, according to a new report published this week.

Podesta, who famously told Clinton supporters that the Democratic nominee would not be making an appearance on Election Night, described to Politico what it was like on the morning when Trump tweeted about Podesta allegedly refusing to hand over the Democratic National Committee’s server to the FBI.

Podesta said he was loading up his car for a trip with his wife to the Utah national parks — what he described as a “let’s-forget-about-Trump” road trip:

“We’re listening to music in the car, not paying attention to our phones,” Podesta recalled of his long-planned vacation. “Finally, we get some peace from Donald Trump, and we don’t have to think about him. It was one of these good-for-the-soul drives across the country. We had gone through the Cumberland Pass when one of Mary’s friends texted her and said, ‘the president is tweeting about John.’”

Podesta found time to respond to the tweets (with the help of an assistant), launching a tirade in which he called Trump a “whack job” and told him to “get a grip.” Podesta told Politico that it “pissed me off that he was ruining my vacation” and that his wife had to calm him down so he did not have a stroke.

“I just felt like, enough already. You have now officially ruined the first day of my vacation, as if the fact that you’re ruining America is not bad enough,” he said. “My wife was telling me to calm down and control my blood pressure so I didn’t have a stroke.”

Podesta assures any nervous Politico readers that, in fact, the vacation was not ruined. After writing a quick op-ed on the phone for the Washington Post, Podesta carried on with his trip.

“This guy just creates chaos wherever he goes,” Podesta said of Trump.

Adam Shaw is a Breitbart News politics reporter based in New York. Follow Adam on Twitter: @AdamShawNY.


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