WATCH: Shoplifters Allegedly Attempting to Steal from Seattle Costco Run into Police as They Leave Store

US authorities say Costco's lax system of control at some of its pharmacies was not simply a matter of oversight and probably led to prescription drugs reaching the black market

Three suspected thieves got an unpleasant surprise after they ran into police officers while on their way out of a Seattle, Washington, Costco on Wednesday.

The video shows the moment several officers met one of the alleged thieves sitting in a car parked near the Seattle Costco’s fire escape.

“So we block her [car] in, and then as we get out, we pull her out [of the car],” said one of the officers, who narrated what was happening as everything occurred.

Moments later, the two other suspects burst through the doors of the fire escape to meet the officers, who immediately handcuffed the suspected thieves.

“You hear them trying to kick that door open from the inside, so these guys all standing there waiting,” the officer said. “[The] door goes [sound effect of door opening, and] they’re all standing there with all the TVs.”

Police arrested two women, ages 18 and 21, on suspicion of theft and one 30-year-old man on suspicion of robbery because officers said they found a knife in his possession, the Daily Mail reported. Loss prevention officers who recognized the suspects alerted the police beforehand, allowing the officers to catch the suspects at the right time.

Authorities say the suspects were responsible for shoplifting at another Costco in the area earlier that same day. Police estimate the stolen property to be worth around $2,200.


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