Donald Trump to Republicans: We Have to Go ‘Further Right’ as Democrats Go Further Left

President Donald Trump speaks to the National Republican Congressional Committee March Dinner, at the National Building Museum Tuesday, March 20, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
AP/Evan Vucci

President Donald Trump advised Congressional Republicans to move further to the right side of the political spectrum, noting that Democrats were moving further left.

“They have gone so far left, we have to go a little bit further right,” Trump told Republicans and donors at the National Republican Congressional Committee fundraising dinner on Tuesday night.

Trump remarked that Congressional Democrats were moving left on nearly every issue, just like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“These days, there’s no such thing as a Blue Dog Democrat, a Red State Democrat, or a Conservative Democrat because they are all Pelosi Democrats,” he said, calling them “way outside of the American mainstream.”

Trump pointed out that since he won the presidency, House Democrats voted against border security, lower taxes, bans on late-term abortion, and developing American energy.

“They would take over American health care; take away your Second Amendment; and ship away your jobs to other countries, like has gone on for so many years,” he said. “And those days are over.”

Trump announced to the audience that they raised $32 million for House Republicans at the dinner. He also promised to raise more money and campaign for Republican candidates in the midterm elections.

He mentioned Democratic candidate Connor Lamb who won the special election in Pennsylvania in a Republican district — warning that Democrats would run new candidates who would hide their leftist agenda.

“That’s why we must tell the truth over and over again: A vote for a House Democrat is a vote for higher taxes, open borders, and the destruction of American jobs and American wealth. It’s also the destruction of the American Dream,” Trump said.


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