Challenger Josh Hawley Reminds Missouri Voters of Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Support for Hillary Clinton


Likely Republican challenger State Attorney General Josh Hawley is making sure Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) can’t get away from her long standing support of failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

On Monday, Hawley reminded Missouri voters of McCaskill’s close ties to the gaffe-prone former First Lady and Secretary of State with two hard-hitting web ads.

The ads were released one day after “McCaskill made major gaffes on national television over the weekend in an interview with MSNBC’s ‘Kasie DC,’ ” the Hawley campaign said in a press release.

The first web ad blasted McCaskill for her recent defense of Clinton.

“He’s quoting Hillary Clinton, who also said ‘So I won the places that were optimistic, diverse, dynamic, and moving forward.’ Were these comments helpful to you? ” the MSNBC reporter asked McCaskill.

“No, probably not,” McCaskill admitted. “I understand the point she was trying to make. But it felt like she was criticizing Missouri voters.”

“I think it is certainly being taken out of context,” she added.

“No, Senator, it’s not,” the graphic in the web ad concludes.

The first web ad can be viewed here:

The second web ad, only 15 seconds long, continues with another McCaskill clip from the MSNBC interview.

“If you’ve played by the rules, and worked hard all your life, and you’re further behind this year than you were ten years ago, no wonder you want something completely different,” McCaskill tells the MSNBC reporter.

The screen then flashes to this graphic: “Senator McCaskill: In Politics for 30 Years,” followed by another graphic that simply says “Josh Hawley.”

You can watch the second web ad here:

“Claire McCaskill accidentally told the truth when she defended Hillary Clinton’s insulting comments about ‘backwards’ voters, making the case for why lifetime politicians like herself should be voted out of office. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves,” Hawley campaign spokesperson Kelli Ford said.

McCaskill is one of ten Democratic senators up for re-election in 2018 in a state President Trump won.

Hawley is the leading candidate to secure the Republican nomination in the August 7 primary.

The most recent poll listed on the Real Clear Politics Average of Polls conducted by Gravis Marketing earlier this month shows a potential general election matchup between Republican Hawley and Democrat McCaskill for the U.S. Senate seat in Missouri is a statistical tie.


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