The Delingpole Podcast: Simon Lincoln Reader on White Genocide, Farm Murders, and Lauren Southern in South Africa

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In this week’s Delingpole podcast, special guest Simon Lincoln Reader discussed the violent farm murders and white genocide in South Africa, Lauren Southern’s ban from the UK, and the failed presidency of Cyril Ramaphosa.

Lincoln revealed that there are rampant “racial tensions” in South Africa. The awful situation was recently further exacerbated by “the land expropriation without compensation” policy pushed for by the ANC. Lincoln argued that this process “is not about farming or agriculture for black people. This is about reorganizing historical patterns of ownership”. But, the persecution of white South Africans does not end there:

…over 3 thousand farmers have been murdered since 1994

Despite this fact according to Lincoln, there is a “huge” effort to discredit and diminish this tragedy, achieved through state-funded “counter-propaganda campaign trying to say that this is not an issue”. Although groups like the pro-Afrikaner “Afriforum” published statistics suggesting that “there were 156 farm murders in the year 2016-17”, the “general narrative is that these figures are an exaggeration”.

In fact, he claims that there are only “two political parties who say this is a genuine problem”. The first is the conservative, Afrikaner Party”, who “have two or three members of parliament, the second is the African Christian Democratic Party”.

There is extreme violence” and the murders are “brutal, absolutely brutal

Lincoln characterized the farm murders as “extreme” and often involving “torture”, including burning the victims with “hot irons”. In Delingpole’s words, the terrifying part of this is that ‘‘Lauren Southern along with Katie Hopkins are the few international journalists who went to South Africa and covered one of the most shocking, uncovered stories today”.

Lincoln recalled that one of the women Lauren Southern interviewed was “Zanele Lwana”, the spokesperson for the Black First Land First Movement (BLF). According to Lincoln, the woman described:

The future of South Africa as being an inevitable violent confrontation between black people and white people.

Delingpole responded by pointing out the hypocrisy on the left claiming that if “somebody with the equivalent message towards black people” spoke up, “there would be outrage, and rightly so”. Yet, according to Lincoln South Africa is a country where whites need to “justify” their right to exist.

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