Nolte – Media Fail: Trump’s Approval Rating Average Hits Year-Long High

A woman gives thumbs-up as people in a passing car hink as demonstrators in favor of Presi
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According to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, and despite an unprecedented media jihad against him, President Donald Trump’s average job approval rating sits at a relatively healthy 42.9 percent, a high he has not reached in nearly a year.

The last time Trump eked into the 43 percent range was early May 2017.

To anyone who still believes the establishment media have some influence or moral authority over public opinion, this news probably seems counterintuitive. After all, why would voters increase their approval of a racist, sexist, pussy-grabbing, porn star-boinking, serial adulterer who colluded with the Russians to steal the election and who turned the White House bowling alley into a gallows where every night after watching Hannity, Trump eats a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken while fingering the nuclear button as 11 illegal immigrant children are hanged?

What we have here is more proof that the media are no longer able to sway public opinion or move the needle.

While Trump’s job approval sits at 43 percent, trust in the media sits at just 41 percent. But even that 41 percent is skewed. It is only Democrats who support the media at a respectable level of 62 percent. But, of course, they do. Now that the media are 24/7 anti-Trump and keep the left on the hook waiting for the smoking gun of impeachment (that will never come), why wouldn’t Democrats trust in the media to pull a coup d’état out of their twee beanie?

Meanwhile, only 14 percent of Republicans believe the media get the facts straight. Most telling of all, only 37 percent of independents say the same.

In other words, outside of the far-left, mainstream America no longer trusts the media, and why would they? The media are a fake news factory that for nearly two years have told us lie after lie about Trump’s colluding with Russia — and now, we have learned that was a big, fat hoax fabricated by the Deep State, CNN, and BuzzFeed.

Credit for his improving numbers also goes to Trump, who has not allowed the media plot to undo his election to distract him. From the economy to North Korea to Syria to trade to immigration and taxes, Trump has kept his eye on the ball, and concrete things are happening. Real things are getting done.

Bottom line: what Americans want more than anything are peace and prosperity, and after eight years of the Bush wars and eight years of Obama’s hideous economy, Trump’s presidency so far epitomizes peace and prosperity.

In the end, that is what voters will judge Trump on. They can see through the smoke of the media lies and the pundit hysteria, and they are starting to understand that “sources tell us” is Greek for “this is fake news.”

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