In Minnesota, Donald Trump Tears Into the ‘Fakers’ of ‘Fake News’

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Donald Trump immediately tore into the establishment media during his rally in Duluth, Minnesota, criticizing their coverage of his presidency.

The president celebrated the 3.4 million jobs created in the United States since he became president.

“I heard a couple of the fakers saying, ‘I think it’s Obama’s economy,’” Trump added incredulously. He said that Democrats would wipe out the tax cuts, increase regulations, take over health care, and ship out American jobs.

Trump also challenged the establishment media’s coverage of his meeting with Kim Jong-un in North Korea, recounting his achievements by simply meeting with the Korean dictator.

“We got back our hostages and I didn’t pay $1.8 billion to get back our hostages,” he said, referring to former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

“These are very dishonest people,” he said, noting that a year ago, everyone in the media was panicking that the United States was posed for war with North Korea.

“I got along with Kim Jong-un and that’s a good thing … The fact that we get along means we are safe,” he said.

Trump admitted that the relationship with Kim Jong-un could change, but said that right now there was peace.

“All over Asia, they are celebrating the great achievement that we made, because you are the ones that put me here,” he said as supporters cheered.

The crowd responded by chanting “CNN sucks!” repeatedly as the president continued his speech.

Trump also ripped the New York Times for falsely reporting small attendance numbers for his last campaign rally in Tennessee.

“Fake news, I’m telling you,” he said. “So fake.”

Trump also criticized them for raising the alarm over his immigration enforcement policies, rather than showing the congressional hearings featuring the Justice Department Inspector General report on the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton.

“They don’t want to show what is happening in Congress, where this whole scam has been revealed,” he said. “What a group.”