Never Trump Fail: President Enjoys Record Support from Republicans

TOPSHOT - Supporters cheer as US President Donald Trump addresses a rally at the Nashville

The latest polling shows President Trump enjoying record support from Republicans, proving once again just how little influence and moral authority Never Trump has.

A recent Gallup poll shows that 90 percent of Republicans support the president. According to the New York Times (a far-left outlet that regularly spreads fake news), other than the historic outlier of George W. Bush in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks, no Republican president in this poll’s history has garnered 90 percent support from Republican voters at this point in a first term.

Trump’s historic level of support from within his own Party is not only a tribute to the president’s verifiable successes at home and abroad (tax cuts, booming economy, regulation reform, gutting Obamacare, North Korea under control, the Islamic State all but vanquished, no stupid neocon wars); it is also a testament to just how marginalized, tribal, and extreme the failed Never Trump movement has become.

While Never Trumpers, like those at the embattled National Review, the nowirrelevant Weekly Standard, and elsewhere, have been successful at spinning self-righteous onslaughts against Trump into love and attention from the establishment media, the movement’s overarching goal is losing whatever residual ground it once had. And that goal, of course, is to once again influence the GOP into a Party that discriminates against law-abiding Americans in favor of cheap foreign labor, a Party that launches more failed wars, a Party that appeases the media, and a Party that is eager to destroy the working class through illegal immigration and a near-religious belief in free trade.

The reasons for Never Trump’s loss of ground with voters are obvious. To begin with, Never Trump cannot stop looking ridiculous, especially in the face of Trump’s mounting successes. Like its allies at the far-left MSNBC and CNN, Never Trump has assumed the extreme (and silly) position of refusing to acknowledge Trump’s successes, choosing, instead, to maintain the idea that Trump never does anything right.

What’s more, Never Trump’s pious moralizing is not only off-putting and arrogant; the fact that Never Trump loves to preen its own virtue while lecturing the rest of us about “decency” and “morals,” while they cozy up to the amoral media, exposes just how craven they really are.

In other words, Never Trump is happy to do business with hysterical liars such as CNN and MSNBC, two outlets that foment violence against the political right; happy to nuzzle next to a Jake Tapper, who stood silent as his hate mob booed a rape victim — but Never Trumpers find the president and his supporters intolerable.

Never Trump truly exposed its amoral opportunism, though, while vocally supporting  Congressman Mark Sanford (R-SC) just a few weeks ago during his failed re-election primary bid against a pro-Trump Republican. This breathtaking act of mindless tribalism unmasked Never Trump like nothing before or since.

After spending months and months working side-by-side with the media to bring down Trump over the possibility he might have had an affair with a porn star over a dozen years ago, here was Never Trump vocally tub-thumping for Sanford, a man who, just a few years ago,  shirked his duty as governor to have an extra-marital affair in Buenos Aires.

No one is arguing Sanford does not deserve forgiveness or a second chance. But after writing countless columns about the importance of morality in public office, after spending countless hours on cable news earning applause from left-wing anchors for ripping into evangelicals who “lost their souls” standing by Trump (over a disputed affair more than a decade ago), this very same group then smugly turned around to circle the wagons for Mark “The Appalachian Trail” Sanford.

Never Trump has no principles — moral or otherwise. Its failed ideas drove George W. Bush’s ratings into the 20s and delivered eight years of Barack Obama, and now, it looks as though its disapproval ratings have hit 90 percent.

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