Exclusive–Rep. Kevin Cramer’s Advice for Trump SCOTUS Pick: ‘Don’t Get Caught Up on Quotas’; Find ‘Committed Conservative’

US Justice Kennedy, Supreme Court's swing vote, to retire

Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News Daily on Friday that President Donald Trump should not “get caught up on quotas” and should find a “committed conservative” to replace outgoing Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Congressman Cramer joined the president for a Trump campaign rally in Fargo, North Dakota, on Wednesday, during which he stressed the importance of holding a Republican majority in the Senate as well as nominating a conservative justice to the Supreme Court. Cramer hopes to defeat Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) in the 2018 midterm election.

President Trump will soon nominate a justice to replace outgoing Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

“Democrats want judges who will rewrite the Constitution any way they want to do it and take away your Second Amendment, erase your borders, throw open the jailhouse doors,” Trump said on Wednesday.

Talking to Breitbart News Daily host Amanda House, Cramer revealed that he told President Trump to “get another Neil Gorsuch.”

He explained that Trump should find a “committed conservative” who will not end up being a “swing vote” on the Supreme Court.

Cramer told Breitbart News Daily, “Don’t get caught up on quotas. Don’t get caught up on pressures. Just pick somebody like a Neil Gorsuch that’s both young, intellectually fit, but also is a committed conservative–so we don’t run into another scenario much like a Kennedy or a Souter where you are not sure where they are going to be five or ten or twenty years from now. Let’s make this one right. Let’s cement this solid 5-4 majority so we don’t have any former conservatives being a swing vote.”

“Politically, one of the things this highlights is how important one vote matters. It’s not just in the Supreme Court, but in the United States Senate, so this nationalizes my race,” the North Dakota congressman added.

Rep. Cramer then said, “North Dakotans would not tolerate a liberal Supreme Court justice. I think Sen. Heitkamp is an automatic [yes] for anyone that Donald Trump puts up.”

“She has no choice but to support whoever he puts up,” Cramer added.

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