Donald Trump Explains Why He Hates Windmills

Windmill, Trump
AP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump ridiculed windmills as a source of energy on Monday, professing his appreciation for coal instead.

The president spoke about energy during a fundraiser in New York, pointing out that coal was an “indestructible” form of energy, but it was easy to destroy a windmill.

“Bing, that’s the end of that windmill,” Trump said, imitating someone shooting a windmill.

The president pointed out that windmills also kill birds.

“They kill so many birds, you look underneath some of those windmills, it’s like a killing field of birds,” Trump continued.

In a 2013 study, Researchers estimated that windmills kill as many as 328,000 birds a year.

Trump also pointed out that windmills were useless if the wind was not blowing and had to be subsidized to be profitable.

“Who wants to have energy when you need a subsidy?” he asked.

Trump boasted that the United States was now producing more oil than ever and that they were exporting natural gas around the world.