Man Puts Up Electric Fence Around His Yard to Keep Students Off Lawn

Stoparm cameras intended to catch drivers who illegally passes buses that are picking up or unloading children aren't working in Virginia. A glitch in state prevents the camera tickets from being delivered by mail. Several state lawmakers have proposed bills that would change that. (AP/David Goldman)
AP/David Goldman

A Virginia man fed up with kids at a nearby bus stop trashing his property erected an electric fence around his yard to keep them out.

The homeowner, Bryan Tucker, of Sandston, told WRIC on Wednesday that he put up the fence because he was tired of the students at the bus stop littering, cursing, and fighting near his home.

Tucker set up the battery-powered electric fence around his front yard to separate it from the school bus stop and claimed the kids disregarded the “no trespassing” signs already in place.

“Nothing stops people,” Tucker told WTVR. “They don’t respect other people’s land. I pick up trash every day.”

Outraged parents thought the fence posed a safety risk to their children and called the police.

“I understand his concern. I just don’t think he understood the neighbors’ concern about their kids,” one neighbor, James Mehfoud, said. “One of them could touch it, fall into it, and get shocked.”

“What, you don’t like kids?” local parent Wayne Milby asked. “Me, I’m a parent and I don’t want any children to get electrocuted.”

The police referred the matter to Henrico County’s Public Works Department, which told him Tuesday to remove the fence since it sits on county property. Officials say Tucker could reinstall the fence as long as it sits on his property line.

“The message has gotten across. Parents are posting and talking about it,” Tucker said.


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