Andrew Pollack: Left Pushes Gun Control to Distract from Their Failure to Keep Schools Safe

Andrew Pollack

Andrew Pollack spoke with Breitbart News for the “Bullets with AWR Hawkins” podcast and stressed that gun control is not the answer to incidents like the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

Pollack lost his daughter, Meadow, in Stoneman Douglas shooting.

Pollack described the gunman’s behavior in years prior to the February 14, 2018 attack, behavior he suggests should have signaled mental health and disciplinary experts to intervene. He also talked about the number times police visited his home but did nothing and the gun laws which are already in place but not triggered because of lack of mental health and/or law enforcement action.

Pollack said, “The gun laws were in place, the mental health laws were in place, to prevent him from buying a rifle, but no one did their job.”

We asked Pollack to elaborate on the gun issue and he said, “There were many laws [already in place], and when these people start talking to me about these gun laws and I see them, it’s really just a distraction and a deflection from making our kids safe at schools, when they talk about gun control. Because right here there is a big red flag that went off in Broward and this kid should have never ever been able to buy a rifle if they did their jobs, but no one’s looking at the people that didn’t do their jobs, because it’s easy to just say it was the gun.”

He continued, “All these people on the left, these liberals, they don’t want to look at the real issues. They don’t want to look at Obama’s diversionary programs that he put in place over here in Broward, because that’s where the issues are also. …But it’s easy for these people just to say it’s the gun.”

Pollack explained that, beginning with the April 20, 1999, Columbine attack, the left’s response to school shootings has been to push more gun control. For that reason, nothing has really been accomplished for school safety in nearly 20 years. But he says people are finally starting to see the left’s solution is not really a solution at all and real steps to protect schools are actually under way.

He said, “We’re starting to get a lot stuff done now, with school safety, with more armed guards in the schools. In Florida now, I got a bill passed, that every school has armed guards in it, in Florida, it’s the law.”

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