Angel Mom to Pelosi’s MS-13 Defense: My Son’s ‘Spark of Divinity’ Erased

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., holds a news conference on Capitol Hill in W
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

An angel mom took Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s staff to task Tuesday, telling them the spark of divinity Pelosi saw in MS-13 was “erased” from her son.

“Do you remember when our president called MS-13 animals?” Sabine Durden asked. A voice could be heard saying, “oh, yeah.” Durden continued, “And [Pelosi] got all upset and said they have a spark of divinity?”

“That spark of divinity was erased from [Dominic],” Durden said of her son who was killed by an illegal alien. “It was just taken from all of these kids,” she said, referring to the Americans killed by illegal aliens. “And yet not a word,” she said referring to Pelosi. “But she was upset that the MS-13 who slaughter people brutally, that they were called animals. Wow.”

“It’s insulting. Every time they do that it’s a slap, it’s a stab, it’s a kick in the gut, in the groin,” said Durden. 

“It’s not a matter of if you’re going to be affected by illegal alien crime, it’s when you’re going to be affected,” said angel mom Mary Ann Mendoza. Mendoza’s son Mesa Police Officer Brandon Mendoza was killed when an illegal alien allegedly drove drunk the wrong way on a highway in Arizona and hit the off-duty officer’s vehicle.

At the time the angel families stormed into Pelosi’s office, the government remained in a partial shutdown as Democrat leadership has refused to negotiate border security and barrier funding. 

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