Meet the Blexiteers: ‘There Are More Options Than Just Being Democrat’

The first Blexit — or black exit — rally kicked off in Los Angeles Sunday where hundreds people from across the country came together to rail against the Democrat party and offer support to people who m.

Hundreds assembled including African Americans, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, and white Americans to tell the Democrat party that minorities don’t need to be Democrats.

The event was first announced only three weeks ago when Blexit founder Candace Owens told Breitbart that the rally was on and would take place at the Globe Theater in downtown L.A.

Speakers included columnist Ann Coulter, Brandon Tatum, David Harris Jr., Rob Smith Jr., Major Williams, and syndicated talk show host Larry Elder and more.

Owens told Breitbart that the LA rally is just the beginning.

“We have more scheduled events which we will be announcing soon in Dallas, Texas — Memphis Tennessee, Fort Lauderdale, and of course — Chicago. I suggest Democrats pay attention because we are done being used as their voter mules,” Owens said. “Our plan is to move the minority vote 20 points by 2020. It can be done, and the Left knows that— which is why they have rushed to smear virtually every major black conservative thought-leader upon the political stage.”

Participants were thrilled to be part of the day’s events.

A group of women representing Pacific Islanders, for instance, said they are all for President Donald Trump’s drive to fix America’s immigration system.

“There are many immigrants in our community who love God, love America, and love our president,” the woman representing Pacific Islanders said. “We believe in limited government, lower taxes, and we as legal immigrants who came here without parents… legally and we want to encourage others to do it legally as well.”

She added that she and her family fully support the Blexit movement.

A Latino man said that he was thrilled to see a conservative event in downtown L.A., while another, who said he was a U.S. veteran, said that Democrats hurt Latinos.

“We need to get the message out to both Latinos and African Americans to let us know that there are more options than just being Democrat,” he said.

The veteran added, “Los Angeles, this is a huge Democrat city, and Latinos and blacks suffer under Democratic policies. We’re here to do our part to spread the message that Democrats really hurt us in the end, and their policies and socialistic views and their flooding of illegals is no longer going to be tolerated by everyday Americans.”
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