Democrat Colorado Governor to Sign Bill Nixing Electoral College for Popular Vote

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Democrat Colorado Gov. Jared Polis will sign a recently passed bill that would award Colorado’s presidential electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote instead of the Electoral College.

Polis told the Hill in a Sunday interview that the Electoral College is an “undemocratic relic” and wants to make it a thing of the past.

“I’ve long supported electing the president by who gets the most votes,” Polis told the Hill. “It’s a way to move towards direct election of the president.”

Colorado would be the 12th state to sign the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact— an agreement currently between 11 states and the District of Columbia to award all state electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote— after Polis signs the bill into law.

If enough states agree to the terms of the compact, it could change how presidential elections are decided by limiting the power of the Electoral College.

But the compact would not take effect until states with 270 or more electoral votes agree to the compact. After Colorado agrees to make the popular vote bill a law, the compact would need 92 more electoral votes from states to agree to the terms of the compact.


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