Donald Trump: Joe Biden Not ‘Radical Left’ Enough to Win Democrats

President Donald Trump believes Joe Biden faces a tough fight in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary and even suggested Wednesday that he preferred to run against the former vice president.

“I think Biden would be easier from the standpoint that you would have so much dissension from the party because it will make four years ago look like baby stuff,” Trump said, recalling the 2016 election and noting that the left had a tough time supporting “crooked” Hillary Clinton.

Trump commented on the race in an interview with Fox Business host Trish Regan on Wednesday evening. He pointed out that Democrats wanted a candidate who would veer more left than “Sleepy Joe” Biden was willing to go.

“They want to get in. They want the radical left. They want the left movement, and he probably isn’t there,” Trump said. “And you’ll probably have tremendous dissension, just like Hillary did. She had tremendous dissension with the Bernie people.”

But Trump acknowledged that Sanders was struggling against Biden in recent polls.

“It looks like Bernie is slipping,” he said.

Trump said that many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters agreed with Trump on trade and would end up supporting him.

“One thing I do have in common with Bernie is trade because he knows the world is ripping us off, and I’ve stopped it. I’m in the process of stopping it. He could never do what I’m doing now,” he said.

The president also commented that despite the firefighters’ union endorsing Biden, many of the members supported him instead.

“The firemen and women, they went crazy when they saw it. They went absolutely crazy because they’re all going to be voting for me,” he said.


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