Pennsylvania Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf: ‘Appalled’ by Pro-Life Legislation

PITTSBURGH, PA - OCTOBER 27: Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf speaks to the media following a mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood on October 27, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to reports, at least 12 people were shot, 4 dead and three police officers …
Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania tweeted a video message Thursday in which he vowed to veto any bill to restrict abortion that passes the legislature in his state.

“I’m appalled by legislation in Alabama, Georgia, and even here in Pennsylvania that limits a woman’s right to choose,” the Democrat posted, reported WBNS. “I’ll veto any anti-choice bill that lands on my desk. I won’t let our commonwealth go backward on reproductive rights.”

Wolf said the pro-life bills that continue to be passed in state legislatures “seek to place a politician between a woman and her doctor when it comes to one of the most important medical decisions she’s ever going to make.”

However, at the recent rally at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Philadelphia — where the pro-life community protested the aggressive bullying and threats of Democrat Rep. Brian Sims — OB/GYN Dr. Monique Ruberu reminded the crowd gathered, “Abortion is never safe” for the unborn baby or the woman.

“At least one person is guaranteed to die,” Ruberu said. “The other is left wounded, at best.”

Despite Wolf’s veto warning, the Republican-led Pennsylvania House of Representatives is launching a new effort to make abortions, based on a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, illegal, reported Pittsburgh CBS.

Wolf’s office, according to the report, said the measure interferes with the doctor-patient relationship.

In December 2017, Wolf vetoed a measure that would have banned dismemberment abortion — also known as dilation and evacuation abortion (D&E) — which generally is performed during the second trimester of pregnancy. During this procedure, the unborn baby’s limbs are torn off its body prior to removing him or her from the mother’s uterus. Wolf said the ban was “extreme” and “restrictive” for women.

Planned Parenthood — the nation’s largest abortion business — announced in June 2018 it would be spending $1.5 million to ensure Wolf’s re-election last November.


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