Mike Pence Rebukes Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Unacceptable’ Cover-Up Talk

Mike Pence
AP/Fernando Vergara

Vice President Mike Pence charged Democrats Wednesday to stop “partisan games” and get to work after Speaker Nancy Pelosi made accusations against President Donald Trump before a White House meeting that broke down.

A reporter asked Pence during a press gaggle in North Carolina if the breakdown of White House infrastructure meetings between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and President Donald Trump would “make it harder to pass the USMCA [U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement] through the House.” 

“I hope not,” the vice president responded. “I really do hope that Democrats in Congress will turn their attention to the issues that matter most to the American people.” He emphasized his and the president’s focus on the “security and the prosperity of the American people.”

Pelosi publicly accused the president of conducting a cover-up just before the pre-scheduled infrastructure meeting with Trump at the White House Wednesday. Trump responded by briefly addressing Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in their meeting to call on them to stop the investigations and talk of impeachment. He then left and conducted an unscheduled press briefing about the breakdown.

“The special counsel’s report is in: no collusion, no obstruction,” Pence reminded reporters of the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. “But it seemed, today, that the president, in his meeting, just had a sense that Democrats just want a do-over.”

“For the speaker of the House to accuse the president of a cover-up an hour before coming to the White House to talk about an infrastructure deal is just simply unacceptable,” the vice president declared.

“The president made it clear that we’ve got to move past the partisan games on Capitol Hill,” said Pence. “We’ve got to move past the desire for Democrats to relitigate more than two years of work of the special counsel.” 

He called for everyone to start focusing on economic strengthening measures, including passing the USMCA trade deal, crafting an infrastructure bill, and cutting more red tape to boost jobs and the economy.

“The president walked into the [infrastructure] meeting today and just made it clear that we’ve got to see the partisan games come to an end on Capitol Hill,” he reviewed. “It’s time for the Congress to come together, to work with this administration, to work with Republicans in this Congress, and really focus on the issues most important to the American people.”

“In the first two years of this administration, we worked with [Republican] majorities in the Congress to pass legislation that cut taxes. It rolled back regulation and unleashed American energy and advanced free and fair trade that’s benefitting American workers,” he advised the reporters. “And the results really speak for themselves.”

Pence added that the Trump administration accomplished this while cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

The investigation was provided with more than 500 witnesses and more than one million documents.

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