Exclusive–Alan Dershowitz: Impeachment Is ‘Kiss of Death for Democrats’ in 2020

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Alan Dershowitz, professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, told Breitbart News that impeachment of President Donald Trump would “guarantee” the president’s re-election in 2020, offering his remarks in a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

“I think it would backfire terribly,” said Dershowitz of Democrats impeaching Trump. “I think they should learn the lesson of what happened when Bill Clinton was impeached. His popularity went up. I think this would guarantee Trump’s re-election if he were to be impeached, because he’s not going to be removed and it would just be a show trial, and it would be unconstitutional, because there is no real evidence of obstruction. “


Robert Mueller may have inadvertently helped Republicans in a political sense, estimated Dershowitz.

“Mueller may not have intended to help the Republicans by what he said, but he has helped the Republicans by pushing the Democrats deeper into the impeachment rabbit hole, because that’s the kiss of death for the Democrats if they go down that hole,” assessed Dershowitz.

In a Wednesday-published column, Dershowitz speculated that Mueller’s intention with the latter’s public statement earlier that day was intended to be a “political gift” for “radicals” among Democrats “seeking to institute impeachment proceedings” against the president.

Pollak invited Dershowitz’s assessment of the race for the Democrats’ presidential nomination with respect to the impeachment pursuit.

“Of the 20 some-odd people running, only one is running for president,” stated Dershowitz in reference to Joe Biden. “The others are just running to get the nomination. … I think they’re all trying to out-left each other, and that means they’re all going to show they’re in favor of impeachment.”

Dershowitz continued, “I think Joe Biden is the only one who’s running, now, to be president, and therefore running a little bit to the center. I was disappointed that he didn’t say something [critical of the impeachment pursuit]. He’s the guy to say that, because he has long experience in the Senate. He was there, obviously, during the Clinton impeachment. He saw many of these things going on in the past, and his experience should’ve led him to say, ‘Hey, Democrats. This is a terrible, terrible mistake.'”

The “failed enterprise” of the Robert Mueller-led operation would lead to legislative abolition of future special counsel appointments, speculated Dershowitz.

“Mueller should never have been appointed in the first place,” determined Dershowitz. “There never should have been a special counsel. It should’ve been an independent commission like the Royal Commission in England looking into Russian influence in the election and trying to prevent it in the future, but turning it over to a special counsel and prosecutor when they knew the president can’t be indicted or prosecuted was just destined for failure.”
Dershowitz added, “[Robert Mueller] had the power to prosecute, and that’s an awesome power that shouldn’t be given to anybody unless there’s a very good reason for doing it, and there was not a good reason here.”

“I think this may be the death of the special counsel office,” Dershowitz considered. “Remember, when we had the special prosecutor, Congress decided not to renew that. Now we have the special counsel. I suspect we’re going to see some legislation to abolish that. It makes no sense at all.”

“I think the whole enterprise has been an utter failure and I hope it will lead Congress to legislate against future special counsel in situations like this,” remarked Dershowitz. “We had the 9/11 Commission. That’s a far better model at getting after the truth than one-sided prosecutorial investigations.”

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