Ortiz: Recession Obsession Is Unwarranted

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Alfredo Ortiz of Job Creators Network writes in The Hill that Democrats’ “the sky is falling” rhetoric about impending recession is merely a desperate attempt to take back the reins of power:

Funnyman Bill Maher last year voiced on his show what many Democrats today privately wish when he said that he hoped for a recession to hurt President Trump. “I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. By the way, I am hoping for it,” he declared, adding that one “way to beat Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession.”

Such rank partisanship in hoping for the suffering of Americans so that your party can take the White House is vile. But it seems to be the modus operandi of the Democrats who are hell bent on power. The candidates relentlessly portray our booming economy in a bizarre fashion, claiming that huge chunks of the workforce juggle multiple jobs or face stagnant wages. Several candidates claim a recession is around the corner.

Democrats and their mainstream media allies have pounced on a couple of recent economic indicators, such as the inversion of the yield curve, to bolster their case that a recession is coming. This recession obsession is unwarranted. In fact, it exposes how vulnerable Democrats are on the issue of the economy, with only a recession capable of neutralizing the advantage of the Republicans. While they read the tea leaves to try to discover a recession harbinger, the economy continues to hum along.

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