Ortiz & Goodman: True Health Reform Depends on Several Critical Policy Elements

Carl Court/Getty Images

Alfredo Ortiz and John Goodman write in The Hill about an alternative plan for health care reform to Medicare for All based on the market forces of choice, competition, and transparency that fuel other sectors of the economy:

Americans agree that the health care status quo is not working. Democrats have responded by calling to nationalize health care under a “Medicare for All” system. Yet this policy would not address the fundamental health care cost drivers. It simply would transfer costs to taxpayers while introducing rationing in an attempt to control them.

Our research tells us there are better alternatives, ones that harness the same market forces of choice, competition, and transparency that keep prices low in nearly all other sectors of the economy. These are proposals that eliminate the cronyism, backroom deals, and hidden contracts that artificially inflate costs, and that preserve and expand choice and the important relationship between doctors and patients.

One such reform framework is the “Health Care for You” plan which our organizations, the Job Creators Network and the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research, are promoting. It was developed from extensive market research into demonstrated patient preference. It draws on inputs of more than 25,000 patients, doctors, and health care professionals to determine what stakeholders instead of politicians want from a health care plan. It is the first health care reform plan that comes directly from people rather than from Washington backrooms.

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