Report: Trump-Supporting Women Allegedly Abused at D.C. Event, Called ‘Nazis,’ ‘C*nts’

President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., Thursday, March
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Attendees of a “high-profile Democrat wedding” stalked, harassed, and physically assaulted guests of an event hosted by Women for America First at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC, on Saturday, the pro-Trump group alleged in a press release issued late Monday evening.

Approximately 200 women attended the aforementioned Women for America First event — titled a Very MAGA Holiday Weekend — at the Willard Hotel. The alleged “high-profile Democrat wedding” took place in an adjacent ballroom.

Women for America First is an outside conservative organization that supports President Donald Trump and is run by longtime grassroots conservative activist Amy Kremer.

The press release alleges that the private event held by Women for America First was interrupted “at least” 30 times by the wedding’s participants, including a physical assault against Jonathan Gilliam, a retired Navy SEAL and former FBI special agent, who attended the event. Gilliam himself tweeted a reference to the alleged events:

The press release further alleges that Women for America First event’s guests were derided as “c*nts,” “MAGA trash,” and Nazis” by the wedding’s attendees.

Women for America First released the following statement on Monday evening:

(Washington, DC) – Last Saturday, Women for America First, hosted approximately 200 women in Washington, DC for a Very MAGA Holiday Weekend. We kicked off our three-day weekend of events on Wednesday, December 12th with a Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp followed by an informative White House Policy Briefing. Other events included voicing our opposition to the impeachment process at the Capitol, participating in Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery, and enjoying the White House Christmas Tour. Our weekend of fabulous events culminated with our second annual cocktail reception, held at the historic Willard Hotel. Our event on Saturday evening was rudely disrupted when attendees from a high-profile democrat wedding in the adjacent ballroom repeatedly stalked, harassed, and both verbally and ultimately physically attacked our guests. Throughout the evening, on at least 30 different occasions, our private event was interrupted. One group of our guests trying to locate our event was invited into the room the wedding was being held by a group of women attending the wedding. Once inside, they realized it was the wrong room, but the women told them they should stay because it was a Biden rally and they simply shouldn’t support President Trump. Our guests were repeatedly verbally assaulted with comments such as “is this an actual thing?”, “you should be ashamed of yourselves”, “MAGA Trash”, “Nazis” and “C*nts”. Wedding guests walked into our event as if they belonged there and began bidding on silent auction items. Ultimately hotel security was placed at the door of our event at the end of the night but even that did not deter the wedding guests from antagonizing our group in the hallways or in the restrooms. As the evening came to a close, our guest speaker, former Navy SEAL and FBI agent, Jonathan T. Gilliam, helped escort our guests out of the venue. During this time, the alleged best man refused to allow people on the elevator saying, “you’re only allowed in if you respect your ovaries”. As Jonathan escorted approximately five of our guests to the lobby of the hotel via the stairs so they could exit the hotel, the alleged best man in the wedding party and several other individuals began verbally taunting him and the women he was protecting, resulting in an altercation. Subsequently, Jonathan was physically attacked by approximately 4-6 other attendees of the wedding party who piled on attempting to choke and beat him, before he was able to break free and counter the attack. After others intervened, including a plain clothed officer, the fight was broken up. Metro DC police responded to the assault within minutes and the alleged best man was arrested. The abuse by the wedding guests did not stop there. After the police arrested the man, the wedding guests proceeded to confront our guests and screaming to “make things right”. The wedding guests proceeded to the Round Robin Bar where they continued to intimidate members of our group to the point where our members retreated to their rooms to avoid any further attacks.

It is absolutely deplorable to be attacked by self-appointed “DC elites” at a private event in one of DC’s most prestigious hotels, located across the street from the White House, for no other reason than that we support President Donald J. Trump. Sadly, attacks on Trump supporters are commonplace in public; but to have this experience at a private event paid for by our organization is simply beyond the pale and exposes the lengths the left will go to silence and marginalize those who support this president. They may continue to attempt to intimidate and shut us down, but we will not be silenced. Our movement will continue to grow as democrats continue to expose their true selves. We will not be deterred. It may cost our organization more, but clearly, we may be forced to provide private security to ensure the safety of those attending our upcoming events. Let it be known that despite the attacks and pushback from those who wish to destroy us, we will continue to stand strong in support of President Trump and the America First Agenda.

This is a developing story. Women for America First has not yet stated the identities of the alleged attackers or whose wedding it allegedly was.

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