The Nuclear Option: Americans, Brits Play Same Electoral Shell Game


At some point, you start to wonder if just maybe the system isn’t rigged against us.

I mean, how many times do the good folks of the United Kingdom have to vote to quit the European Union before they are actually allowed the hell out of the international racket?

In 2016, they stunned the globalist cartel by declaring independence. Ever since globalist kleptocrats in the U.K. and abroad have been hand-wringing and making all sorts of excuses about how voters did not really mean it when they said they wanted a divorce from Olde Europe.

In the nearly four years since U.K. voters have had to cast ballots, again and again, to make clear that “go” really means “go.” They ousted one prime minister who could not make the exit. They voted in a new one who said he could.

And then they voted again last week to give Prime Minister Boris Johnson the biggest conservative victory since Margaret Thatcher in 1987 so that he can once and for all get them the hell out of Rhineland. Or Brussels. Whatever.

Does this sound familiar?

Of course, it does. Because it is the same electoral shell game we the voting dupes on this side of the Atlantic have been playing for nearly the past four years.

In 2016, Americans cast the ultimate “throw all the bums out” ballot by voting for Donald Trump. And yet, here we are less than one year before the next election and we are still being told why Donald Trump isn’t really president.

Unpresidential. Illegitimate. Imposter.

Impolitic. Exactly!

That was just the first of a thousand coups they launched.

After all the screaming and squalling and caterwauling, they sent the feds after him.

They illegally spied on his campaign. They cooked up evidence against him. They rounded up any of his associates they could find and threw them in prison. Literally. (These are the tricks of a police state, not a democracy.)

Then they brought in one of their most fearsome federal agents to orchestrate a sprawling investigation with unlimited resources. Every bit of it, of course, paid for by you, the silly schmucks who voted for Donald Trump in the first place.

After two years of running down every rabbit hole between here and Siberia, the great federal prosecutor came in from the cold. Empty-handed. The once-vaunted G-man was turned to mud after he proved incapable of taking out President Trump.

Suddenly realizing they were stuck between a rock and an election, Democrats in Congress decided to take matters into their own hands. Just too important to leave to stupid voters next November.

Bogus charges. Sham investigation. Circus hearings. Rushed impeachment.

The result is the most hotly partisan, half-baked, nakedly political impeachment in American history.

House Democrats will vote this week and — unlike your votes — theirs will count. President Trump will be impeached.

The stock market will hit new record highs. Because all serious people know this is a joke.

The Senate will give the impeachment referral precisely the respect it deserves.

And then next November we will have another chance to vote for Donald Trump. Again.

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