Alex Marlow: Pete Buttigieg’s Reparations for Illegals Are a Gift to Cartels

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow spoke to young conservatives at Turning Point USA’s fifth Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida on Sunday, where he called out Democrat presidential primary candidates and their disastrous policy proposals, including Pete Buttigieg, who recently proposed “reparations” for illegal aliens.

“His polling numbers with black voters are just a notch below George Wallace, who was a segregationist, an actual racist,” said Marlow of the mayor from South Bend, Indiana.

“[Buttigieg] proposed reparations for illegal immigrants,” continued Marlow, “and he’s actually said that not only should illegal immigrants who come to the Untied States be compensated — because of their ‘mistreatment’ by our Americans who are bravely defending our country at our borders — he actually believes that they should be put on a fast track to citizenship.”

“So you can jump the line, all you have to do is come in through the southern border and claim that you’ve been bothered by Americans trying to enforce our laws,” said Marlow. “We’re 23 trillion dollars in debt, and he wants to hand out reparations for people who just got here.”

Marlow added that implementing such proposals would also be a gift to the Mexican drug cartels, as they are paid to smuggle illegal migrants across the border.

“This is a handout to the cartels, by the way,” said Marlow. “This is an incentive. Game on for them. More incentive for them to do their business. Their rates just went up.”

According to Del Rio Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Brady Waikel, nobody crosses the river in the area that he patrols, unless they are paying the Mexican cartels, as recently reported by Breitbart News.

“When you’re talking about people coming across and being rescued, and when you’re talking about deaths [while] crossing the border — those transnational organizations — that’s the cause of all of that,” said Chief Waikel to Breitbart News. “Nothing crosses the river in this area without a payment being made, without being directed by the cartels, by the smugglers.”

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