Tucker Carlson: ‘Even Spies Seeking to Undermine’ U.S. Can Secure Birthright Citizenship for their Children

This Feb. 16, 2017 file photo shows newborn babies in the nursery of a postpartum recovery
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Foreign spies working to “undermine our country” are able to secure their United States-born children birthright American citizenship under current policy, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson notes.

During a segment on birthright citizenship, Carlson mentioned Breitbart News’s most recent report that revealed how nearly 400,000 “anchor babies” — the term often used to describe the U.S.-born children of foreign workers and illegal aliens — were delivered in the country over the last year.

As Carlson said, the national anchor baby policy does not discriminate and thus foreign spies who deliver children in the U.S. are able to secure them birthright citizenship:

Under current American law, every person born on our soil automatically becomes a citizen. It doesn’t matter if their parents are tourists to this country, or are here illegally, or are even spies seeking to undermine our country. Congress can change that law, obviously, but they don’t actually care so they won’t. What effect does it have? [Emphasis added]

Well, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, last year about 372,000 anchor babies were born in the United States. Their parents had no legal right to be here. Those children allow their parents though to qualify for a whole suite of welfare benefits and, of course, their parents will never be forced to leave the country. That’s just one of the many ways that America’s open borders have turned into a disaster for this country. [Emphasis added]

To date, the U.S. Supreme Court has never explicitly ruled that the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens must be granted automatic American citizenship, and a number of legal scholars dispute the idea.

Many leading conservative scholars argue the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment does not provide mandatory birthright citizenship to the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens or noncitizens, as these children are not subject to U.S. jurisdiction as that language was understood when the 14th Amendment was ratified.

For more than a year, Trump has signaled that he has reviewed signing an executive order to end birthright citizenship, otherwise known as the “anchor baby policy.”

Today, there are at least 4.5 million anchor babies in the U.S. under 18-years-old, exceeding the annual roughly four million American babies born every year and costing American taxpayers about $2.4 billion every year to subsidize hospital costs.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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