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BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - DECEMBER 01: Itzebegovic's Muslims Prisoners of Muslims Fighters of Fikret Abdic in Bihac, Bosnia And Herzegovina in December, 1994. (Photo by Art ZAMUR/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Feds Imprison Bosnian War Criminal, Strip Citizenship for Lying on Application

A federal judge in Florida sentenced a former Bosnian soldier to prison and stripped him of his U.S. citizenship following his conviction for lying on his naturalization application. The former soldier left an indictment and conviction for war crimes off of his application for U.S. citizenship.

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Hot Deal: Squat in Emily Blunt’s L.A. Compound for Only $600 a Night

While it may lack the size and luxuries of Aaron Spelling’s famed 56,000 sq. ft. mansion, actress Emily Blunt’s former residence is now up for rent on the lodging website Airbnb, and it is giving renters a chance to see how well America has treated the British-born leading lady.