Donald Trump: Greta Thunberg Should Focus on Other Polluting Countries

polluting countries thunberg
AP Photo/Michael Probst

President Donald Trump said teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg should save her anger for other countries in the world that were worse polluters than the United States.

The president spoke about Thunberg during a press conference at Davos before he left Switzerland to return to the United States.

He said the United States was experiencing great environmental numbers while other countries were worse polluters of the air and putting tons of garbage in the Pacific ocean.

“I think Greta has to start working on those other countries,” Trump said.

“Pretty much nothing has been done,” Thunberg lamented at a World Economic Forum event on climate change.

“Since last summer, I have been repeating these numbers over and over again in almost every speech, but honestly, I have not once seen any media outlet or person in power communicate this or what it means,” she added. 

Trump told reporters he would have loved to see Thunberg’s speech but missed it.

“How old is she?” Trump asked. “Seventeen? Oh, that’s good, she beat me out on TIME magazine.”

Thunberg was named Person of the Year by TIME magazine in 2019.


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