Ted Cruz: Dems Abandoned American Workers, Causing ‘Historic Realignment’ to Trump’s GOP

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took his No. 1 in the world podcast to the stage at the American Conservative Union’s CPAC 2020 on Thursday in Oxon Hill, Maryland, to talk about why President Donald Trump was elected and why he has the support of millions of everyday Americans going into the 2020 election.

Michael Knowles, who is a co-host on the Verdict with Ted Cruz podcast, asked the senator about what has happened with the two parties in America since Trump walked down the escalator.

Cruz called it “the most fundamental political shift that’s happened in the last decade.”
“The two parties have switched places,” Cruz said. “Everything you’ve been told about politics is wrong and is a lie.”

“You grew up being told Republicans are the party of the rich and Democrats are the party of the working class,” Cruz said. “Today the Democrats are the party of the rich.”

“Today the Democrats are the party of Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley billionaires and Wall Street titans that sip their lattes and … look down on working class Americans,” Cruz said.

“And on the other hand, working men and women — the working men and women here — union members — blue collar union members – used to make up the heart of the Democratic Party,” Cruz said. “FDR Democrats who became Reagan Democrats and right now, today, they’re Trump Democrats.”

Cruz said Democrats, including Barack Obama, helped Trump get elected.

“Under the Obama presidency, the Democrats made a decision that has generational consequences,” Cruz said. “They chose between what had been historically the favored children of the Democratic Party.” He continued:

They chose between California environmentalist billionaires and blue collar union members and their jobs. And Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, they all decided. ‘To heck with the workers, write them off, we don’t care about the jobs. We are the party of rich, coastal elites.’

“That has prompted a historic realignment,” Cruz said.

“We are now the party — the Republican Party — of truck drivers, steel workers and oil workers and farmers and ranchers and cops and firefighters and waiters and waitresses and everyone that gets out and works for a living — that’s the Republican Party.

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