NFL Player Benjamin Watson: Being Pro-Life Is ‘About All Stages of Life’

Benjamin Watson, a professional football player for the New England Patriots, spoke at Wednesday’s Protect Life Protect Women rally outside of the Supreme Court, where he spread a pro-life message to those in attendance.

“I’m here, simply, as someone who cares about life, someone who cares about women, someone who cares about children,” Watson told the crowd gathered in Washington, DC. “I am the father of seven.”

Watson continued, saying he cares about “the vulnerable”:

A lot of times people say, “Why is this important to you?” It’s simply because I’m a citizen of this country, and like I said before, I care about the vulnerable. I believe that to be pro-life is to have a lot of ethics. It’s not simply about the children before they’re born, it’s about people that stand on the other side. It’s about people who don’t agree with us. It’s about people that we may never meet. It’s about all stages of life. The most powerful thing that we all can do is to love others and respect others. We do not engage in these things simply to win, we engage because we care about people’s hearts.

Watson also challenged himself and others to “engage” with others who have differing opinions.

“My challenge is to engage,” Watson said. “To engage with people who don’t think like us. To engage from a platform of respect and honor. To engage to always stand true to truth and to righteousness and to all those things, but to be willing to hear someone else’s story.”

“You’ll be surprised how many people walking around are hurting,” Watson stated. “People are hurting and want to hear truth. People want to know somebody cares about them. So my encouragement to you all is to stay fighting.”

Watson closed his speech with a verse of scripture and encouraged those in attendance to not give up on what they are fighting for.

“There’s a verse of scripture that says be not worried in well doing because at the appointed time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up,” Watson concluded. “Do not give up if what you’re doing is right and what you’re doing is true. You will then reap a harvest.”

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