Nolte: Poll Shows Only 35 Percent Willing to Return to Movie Theaters This Year

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Kilyan Sockalingum via unsplash

The farleft Hollywood Reporter teamed with Morning Consult and found only 35 percent of Americans are willing to go to the movies this year.

The poll asked, “When are you likely to go back to see a movie in theaters?”

The numbers are dismal.

Only 15 percent are willing to return to a theater immediately. Only 18 percent are willing to return after two weeks. Only 26 percent are willing to return after a month. And only 35 percent are willing to return at anytime in 2020.

If they are required to wear a mask during the movie, 60 percent said that might nudge them to go, while 29 percent it would discourage them even more.

What kinds of lunatic wants to wear a face mask during a three-hour trip to the movies?

In worse news, only half of those polled said they would return to the movies during the first few months of next year.

The pollster also asked if people would prefer to watch a movie in a theater or on a streaming service. Only 26 percent chose the theater, while 60 percent said streaming.

Here’s my favorite part… The survey “revealed strong interest in films about Black experiences.”

Get this: “Over half of Americans say they are likely to see a film starring Black actors that focuses on the present-day experiences of Black Americans (54 percent), while 45 percent say they are likely to see a historical film about slavery or segregation in the U.S.”

Yeah, no…

Americans will tell a pollster all day long they’re excited about instructional movies, but no one’s gunna show up. It’s one thing to be Woke for eight seconds on Twitter, it’s another to pose as Woke for 150 minutes as you watch a poorly made, pretentious piece of propaganda while huffing through a stale, greasy mask that stinks of cold popcorn.

There’s a lot of talk about how the coronavirus lockdowns are going to hurt the university system, how the at-home instruction that replaced campus life, and did so at full price, could open up people’s eyes to what a scam the entire system is. In other words, If I can learn at home for $50,000 a year from an elite school, why can’t I learn the same thing at home for $5,000 a year from an accredited online school?

You see, once people discover something better, it’s difficult to make them go back to the old ways. People get used to the comfort and luxury of something that’s easier and cheaper. Amazon took over the world this way, and streaming TV is well on its way to killing cable television.

One thing the coronavirus is teaching us, or, I should say, what the lockdowns are teaching us, is what we can live without.

There are all kinds of people who have discovered they are not missing sports anywhere near as much as they through they would. And now that pretty much every sport is pledging to embrace the hyper-politicization and divisiveness of the Woke Taliban, these same people are relieved to have already gone through the withdrawal and have no intention of returning.

Could it be that this is what will happen with the movie theater experience?

Do people really miss the theater experience? The cost, the rude talkers, the light from some jerk’s phone breaking the spell?

We all have flatscreens, high-definition, and surroundsound now… What’s the point of dropping all that money at a theater? Going through all that hassle?

Besides, just like sports, we all know movies are about to get even more obnoxiously political and divisive, even more pretentious and obnoxious. Hell, even before this summer’s 1619 Riots Marvel, one of the biggest reasons to go the movies for the last ten years, had already promised to go the full-Woke. Who wants to sit through that? Look at how Disney destroyed Star Wars? Sucked all the fun right out of it.

Escapism is dead at the movies, so instead of gambling a day’s pay on a trip to the movies, isn’t more convenient, cheaper, and easier on the blood pressure to just stay home?

I think so.

How about a poll on that?

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