DNC Chair Tom Perez: Let’s Give Trump ‘Nightmarish Nights,’ ‘Make Sure He Doesn’t Sleep’

Source: 2020 Democratic National Convention / YouTube

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez on Thursday during the Democratic National Convention “after party” urged Democrats to unify and to “make sure” President Donald Trump “doesn’t sleep.”

“Our unity is our greatest strength. It is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. Let’s give him a lot of nightmarish nights. Let’s make sure he doesn’t sleep,” Perez said during the virtual after party.

His rhetoric seemed to align with Black Lives Matters (BLM) protesters who have not just rioted in front of the White House but, in recent weeks, have gone into residential areas in Seattle, Portland, and Washington, DC.

In Washington, DC, they have marched through neighborhoods at night with loudspeakers, shining flashlights into windows, pounding drums and sounding sirens, chanting, “Wake Up!” In Seattle, they have demanded that residents give black people “back their homes.”

In Portland, they threatened residents, “We’re gonna burn your building down.”

Protesters have also recently protested in front of the home of Acting Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf in a residential neighborhood in Virginia.

During the convention, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden mentioned George Floyd, the man whose death inspired protests around the country, but he did not mention or denounce the ongoing violence that has plagued Democrat-run cities in the aftermath.

On Sunday evening, a man was brutally beaten unconscious after he reportedly tried to help a transgender woman who had been robbed by BLM rioters.

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