Trump Supporter: Democrat Treatment of Joe Biden ‘Bordering on Elder Abuse’

Trump supporters, who lined up for President Donald Trump’s Friday rally in Minnesota, told Breitbart News that the Democrat Party’s treatment of Joe Biden (D) is “sad” and “bordering on elder abuse.”

Trump supporters lined up for the “Great American Comeback Event” in Bemidji, Minnesota, on Friday and gave some thoughts on the Democrat Party’s candidate, whom one of them referred to as the “hologram in the basement.”

“It’s really sad and I think it’s really bordering on elder abuse — what they’re putting that man through,” Trump supporter Michele told Breitbart News ahead of the Friday event.

“He’s served this country, whether I agree with his politics or not. He has served this country. He has done his time. Leave him alone. Don’t do that to a person just because he’s the best shot you think you have to unseat Donald Trump, because you know what? Trump is going to win in a landslide come November 3, and we are going to be celebrating,” she added.

Another Trump supporter, Mary Ellen, said that she views Biden as a “placeholder for the real agenda.”

“I think a lot of people suspect that they had to put somebody up there that seemed fairly centrist and middle of the road, and I don’t see him lasting more than a few months if he were to happen to win,” she said, adding that she agreed with Michele regarding a landslide victory for the president.

“It’s sad what they’re doing to that man,” Marian, another Trump supporter in the group, said. “You can look in his eyes and see he’s not there.”

She added that she hopes the former vice president “mans up” and follows through with debating Trump, adding, “I’m thinking he might come down with COVID the day before.”

“But I hope he mans up and does it, and then I hope they zero in on his ear and get the earpiece out. I would put drug testing on him because there’s no way. I mean he’s just — I feel bad for him,” she added.

A Rasmussen poll released last month found that a majority of likely voters, 59 percent, believe it is likely that Biden’s running mate will take over within his first term. Seventy-three percent of Republicans, 57 percent of independents, and 49 percent of Democrats hold that same view.


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